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Shea Lambert Staff Photo

Career Coach 



As a career coach, I provide guidance to students regarding their career choices, assisting prospective students with college admission, financial aid, and registration.  I also promote the CTE program within our local high schools with an emphasis on technical programs.  These type of programs prepare the students for the next 40 years of their life. 


This year, I am introducing students to a portfolio.  The portfolio is a history of your high school career (9-12 grade) as you would like  it told to employers, school, or scholarships review committees and can be worked on throughout high school. It’s important that you know and understand that you are not guaranteed a scholarship because you submitted a portfolio.  Scholarships have a separate application, and it’s important for you to seek out those opportunities, complete the application, and send partial or full copies of your portfolio for consideration. The documents needed to complete your portfolio are listed under the "Portfolio and Scholarship" section on my page.


Don’t be fooled into believing that scholarships are only given to the students with a high GPA and/or ACT score.  A matter of fact, there are hundreds of scholarships out there available to just about anyone.  Below my name, you will see “Portfolio and Scholarship Document’s” and “Links for Scholarships” listed in blue.  Each of these contain important and helpful documents.