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Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair 

Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair provides students with classroom and laboratory experiences utilizing current and emerging technologies in automotive service theory and repair.

It includes training in the use of computer and other electronic diagnosis and testing equipment, technical manuals, and problem solving methods. Instruction and practice are provided regarding the diagnosis of malfunctions, disassembly of system components, parts inspection and repair, electronic and fuel systems, suspension systems, brakes and all computer control systems.

Particular emphasis is given to the use of decision-making and problem-solving techniques in applying science, mathematics, communication, and social studies concepts to solve technological problems.

Student instruction and training are provided in the proper case, use, and maintenance of tools and equipment. Applicable information is also provided regarding local, state, and federal safety and environmental regulations.

High Demand

Over 110,000 Automotive Service Technician jobs available nationwide between 2010 and 2016.

High Tech

  •  Electronics
  • Hydraulics 
  • Alternative Fuels 
  • Pneumatics
  •  Electrical Fuels
  •  Electrical Circuit
  •  Computerized Engine Machine

The Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair Program at ECRC is certified by ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence). An evaluation by NATEF (National Automotive Technician Education Foundation, Inc.) determined that this program meets national training standards. Minimum performance requirements for this course are based on Successful completion according to NATEF Automobile Program Standards.