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Alabama Fire College Mobile Fire Suppression Training
Posted On:
Monday, April 10, 2017

The multi-scenario capable trainer has built-in safety features that engages automatically or manually by the operator to shut down when safety issues occur. The MFST capabilities include fire attack, search and rescue, standpipe operations, sprinkler operations, ladder operations, and forcible entry. All operations are capable of providing smoke and sound animation.

The MFST allowed my students to combine training they have received throughout the year and put those tactics and operations into practice. The students broke up into teams and performed forcible entry, search and rescue, fire suppression, ladder deployment and ventilation techniques. The MFST provides the safest simulation while producing life like conditions. The students preformed all these tactics while wearing full Personal Protective Equipment, which adds approximately fifty extra pounds.

The students were also instructed on emergency escape tactics and breathing techniques to assist them in a downed fire fighter scenario. Full MAYDAY evolutions were performed with downed firefighters and Rapid Intervention Teams deployed to assist that downed firefighter.  Through the use of the MFST the students now understand and are ready to face the daunting tasks of a firefighting.  

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